It looks like you should add a group!

    To get started, type a SoundCloud group in the box and press enter or click the plus!

    Examples include: dubstep, dnb, rock, metal, etc...

    How do I find groups?

    Head over to SoundCloud groups and navigate to a group that interests you.

    Then enter the last part of the url (highlighted in red) into the group box above.

      Basic Usage

      Using this player is simple just add some groups and you'll be off!

      Keyboard Shortcuts

      • up arrow - volume up
      • down arrow - volume down
      • left arrow - previous track
      • right arrow - next track
      • space - toggle pause
      • ] - seek 500ms into the future
      • [ - seek 500ms into the past
      • ? - show this screen
      • If things go horribly wrong

        Click here and everything will be reset.

      Another SoundCloud player?

      Currently, SoundCloud plays tracks in reverse chronological order. This is problematic because you will end up hearing the same tracks over and over if you let it for a bit and then start again at page one. This player solves that problem by playing tracks in chronological order.

      When you add a group, the latest tracks will be immediately added to your playlist. After each track is played, soundcloud is queried and a new set of tracks are retrieved. As long as people are uploading tracks you will continue to hear new music!

      To add to the fun, your exact state is stored in localStorage. If you refresh or accidentally close the tab, your next visit will land you in the exact state you were in before you navigated away from the page!

      Built by

      Developed by @tmpvar
      Designed by @R_H_2

      Open source

      As always, this project is open source! Fork me on github!